Earn for Capitol Hill on Amazon purchases!

10/23/2019 7:34 pm

Thank you to everyone who makes purchases on Amazon using smile.amazon.com. But, we have found that there's a way to earn even more money for our school off of Amazon, potentially in the thousands, instead of the hundreds.
Capitol Hill PTA is an Amazon Associate, and when you shop using this link: https://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&tag=cahipt-20 , the school earns between 1-10% off the purchases made when you start from that link, even if you put it in your cart and don't buy right away. Please bookmark it and get in the habit of using it. I also found out we will still earn 0.5% on those purchases through Amazon Smile (assuming you've already chosen Capitol Hill as your beneficiary in that program). You don't have to start from smile.amazon.comstart from the link! Please share this with your extended family, anyone who starts with the link earns us money. We'd love for many families to try this over the next few busy shopping months, and we will report out in a January Fishtale how much we earned. Once again:
2. Click on the link when you want to buy something
3. Make your purchase
4. Watch the money roll in for Capitol Hill


#2 Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Capitol Hill

Every time you shop at Fred Meyer with your rewards card, you will earn money for our PTA!  And don’t worry, you still earn all of your points! Copy and paste the following address:

https://www.fredmeyer.com/account/communityrewards/. Then login and link your Fred Meyer Rewards account through the Community Rewards tab and search for Capitol Hill or use code: DR066



#3 Recycle Your Cans and Bottles to Support Capitol Hill


Stay tuned as we set up a new way to donate your recycling refunds.

And of course, our biggest fundraising event every year is the Annual Auction. Consider Sponsoring or Attending our Auction

Each year, we hold an annual auction, our biggest fundraiser of the year. In the past, we’ve raised money to update our playground, provide iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom, build an indoor climbing wall, provide science and music enrichment, build a community garden, as well as many other programs to enrich student’s experiences at Capitol Hill.



Update your account annually!
Fred Meyer

Capitol Hill or use code: DR066



Turn into the office.

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