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The Auction Information
Excited for the Capitol Hill auction this year?  This year’s auction chairs have made it super easy to help out in little chunks that you can fit into your schedule!  Here’s how:

People who are interested can join our Slack communication workspace by clicking this link here. The link will expire in 30 days and they would need a new link if you join after that time frame. Once they join the Slack channel, you can see what tasks need to be done because the to-do lists are synced with Trello.
Anyone who registers via Slack will automatically be added to every channel so that they can see overall what's going on. If someone wants to focus on just one area, they can join the specific Trello board by topic below.
The steps in order are as follows:

Step 1: Join the Slack Channel by clicking here

Step 2: Decide how you can help and join the respective TO-DO list board on Trello by using the invite links below.


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