Superstar Readers Starts in November

10/30/2018 1:22 pm

This PTA program is for all graders, K-5. Read whatever you enjoy-from picture books, to chapter books, to magazines. Younger students can have a parent read aloud to them. Older students, reading for homework counts too! To participate, each day you will record you reading minutes on you Superstar calendar. At the end of the month, add up your minutes, have your parents sign the calendar and return it to your teacher. Prizes will go out early the following month.

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New Playground Equipment

10/30/2018 12:39 pm

From the 2017 Auction we raised money to acquire new equipment for the Capitol Hill playground. Over the spring and summer our PTA team worked with PPS to source and plan for the installation of the new equipment. After some challenges and false starts we are finally getting an installation timeline.

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Easy Ways to Help Capitol Hill School

10/18/2018 5:09 pm

In addition to joining the PTA and volunteering for events. There are three super easy ways you can help raise funds for our school doing normal, every day activities. Do you buy stuff at Amazon? Fred Meyer? Do you collect aluminum cans and glass bottles? Then you can help. And guess what, it doesn't matter who does these things, all proceeds go to our school PTA. So tell the grandparents, the neighbors and the kind stranger down the street.

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Capitol Hill Yearbook (Photographers Needed!)

10/14/2018 3:30 pm

The Capitol Hill Yearbook is printed at the end of the school year, but pictures are captured all year long. Currently, many of our classrooms do not have a photographer assigned to help capture pictures. Therefore, we need volunteers! 

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Join the PTA Today

9/3/2018 12:00 am

The PTA is a nonprofit that works to provide enrichment for every student at Capitol Hill Elementary School. We raise funds and recruit volunteers to put on student and community events to help make Capitol Hill a Great Place to Grow and to support our awesome teachers and staff. We would love to have you get involved! Please Join Today.

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