“Dash 4 ART Dollars!”
Friday April 27th, 2018

Dash 4 ART Dollars! continues to raise funds for the Art Program
and art-related activities at Capitol Hill. Money raised at this
event is the primary source of enrichment funding to support
visiting artists, fine art assemblies, and the purchase of additional
art supplies for our wonderful art program. This is an exciting
event that directly involves all the students in bringing excellence
and culture to Capitol Hill School.


Each grade will run for 30 minutes and have its own start time. Each
lap is approximately ¼ of a mile. Most students run between 8-12 laps.


Donations & sponsor sheets are due by Friday, April 27th 2018.


Donations through this website are preferred. To donate please click HERE.

If you prefer to submit cash/check donations, include them with your

paper sponsor sheet and give them to your teacher or the front office.

Make checks payable to “Capitol Hill PTA”

Please write Dash 4 ART Dollars in the memo section of the check.
Donations are 100% tax deductible, with your check as your receipt.