Message from the PTA President

12/14/2020 9:09 pm

Greetings Capitol Hill families, and welcome to the 2021 school year!

I hope everyone is settling in well to the new routines and protocols in place this year, and generally finds the return to in-person school successful so far! It has been quite a wild ride over the last 18 months, but with vaccines seemingly on the horizon for children this fall, hopefully modest returns to near-normalcy will keep growing.

As we navigate another COVID-affected school year, the ways in which the PTA
provides resources to our students, teachers, and community are changing. While the PTA continues to provide financial resources to teachers to enhance the in-class opportunities for our children, field trips and in-school community events aren’t able to happen as they previously did. As a result, the PTA is trying to think differently this year to recapture the sense of community that has made Capitol Hill Elementary such a wonderful place for children to learn and grow.

In order to continue to provide our students with the warm sense of community they have grown accustomed to at Capitol Hill, we need your help and involvement.  This starts with signing up for the Capitol Hill PTA (new families), or renewing your annual membership (returning families). Visit our website to join the PTA at Membership is $15.00 per person or $25.00 per couple. If the financial cost is a barrier to you, please know that we have donated memberships available!


In addition to joining the PTA, we’re seeking volunteers for an Auction Committee. Our annual auction is the most important fundraiser to ensure the PTA has the resources to invest in the school. While it won’t likely look like it did in years past, we’re still going to plan a fun and engaging auction experience to help connect the school community while raising money for our kids – Please join us!

We also still have board positions open for this year, and it is never too early to think ahead to next year and the PTA leadership posts that will be open. For many board members, this is the last year their children will attend Capitol Hill, while others of us will reach the end of our terms. If you are interested in helping lead the PTA in 2022 and beyond, please let us know and we’ll have you join board meetings this year!

The last 18 months have been quite a challenge for our students, teachers, and us parents. While this year isn’t quite back to normal, we have great opportunities to foster new connections with each other and ensure our students and teachers continue to have robust PTA support. Please join us at our next PTA meeting, Wednesday October 20th to learn more!

Stay safe!

Your Capitol Hill 2021-22 PTA Board



Link to PTA Meeting on January 19th @6:30pm: Join here


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