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Message from the PTA President

Hello Capitol Hill Families!

In the midst of this Covid-19 crisis, PPS is offering breakfast and lunch for MAP (Meals Assistance Program) students beginning on Tuesday, March 17th. For those who could also benefit from lunch on Monday, Laughing Planet has agreed to provide free meals for MAP students on Monday, as well as throughout these additional school closing days.  https://www.facebook.com/laughingplanet/

The PTA will also vote on a possible donation. Our PTA meeting fund was not used this year because our childcare costs for school PTA meetings were free through Champions. PTA is hoping to vote to donate unused 2019-2020 funds toward a local charity such as Neighborhood House. 

Also the Red Cross could really use your blood! Think about giving blood during this unprecedented crisis. 

Thank you for being a thoughtful community, continuing to look for ways to support one another.

Looking forward to joining hands (metaphorically only) with you to care for those in need!


Amy Gupta

Your PTA president

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Capitol Hill Bottle Drop

Pick up a blue bag with our barcode on it (in the display window of the foyer) and the proceeds will go to CHE.
We had to purchase the bags for a small fee, so if you take one, fill one!
Please visit this website for FAQ's about bottle drop. https://www.bottledropcenters.com/customer-service/general/
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Announcing the new Capitol Hill Adult Green Team

Capitol Hill has a new Adult Green Team. The team’s goal is to help educate and introduce the CH students to sustainable, eco-friendly practices and ultimately help minimize our environmental footprint. The team’s first effort was to replace the plastic forks/spoons in the school cafeteria with reusable, stainless flatware. Capitol Hill normally throws away 1,000 plastic utensils a month - that’s about 10,000 a year! This is a small change that will have a big impact on reducing the amount of single use plastic that CH students throw away.

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Earn for Capitol Hill on Amazon purchases!

Thank you to everyone who makes purchases on Amazon using smile.amazon.com. But, we have found that there's a way to earn even more money for our school off of Amazon, potentially in the thousands, instead of the hundreds.
2. Click on the link when you want to buy something
3. Make your purchase
4. Watch the money roll in for Capitol Hill
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Join the PTA Today

The PTA is a nonprofit that works to provide enrichment for every student at Capitol Hill Elementary School. We raise funds and recruit volunteers to put on student and community events to help make Capitol Hill a Great Place to Grow and to support our awesome teachers and staff. We would love to have you get involved! Please Join Today.

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